Still Spending your valuable time and money creating and posting your company’s social  media marketing but getting limited and discouraging results?

Now you can generate new and interested traffic for your brand and products on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media platforms without all the sweat and tears of dedicating the daily time and money of creating posts, videos or tweets.


A 100% Automated Social Media and Content Distribution Solution that Really Works

Skeptical? I would be.

So before we get into the details, please look at our live accounts that are currently using the solution and growing daily. Don’t worry all links open in a new window.


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Our stats are updated each month.


David Kraus assists consultants, speakers, coaches, authors, businesses and large corporations put systems in place to increase clients by using Inbound Social Media Strategies. Through years of trial and error, David does not use all the hype and fluff of others, but rather focuses on the results instead. He delivers a sales and marketing background of over 30 years and now applies that experience to Social Media.

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Desi Kraus is a graphic designer and marketing professional with over 7 years experience helping to promote and brand multiple companies across the U.S. Being in this profession through the millennial age, Desi has a deep understanding of the continuously changing trends and social media branding. Using a clean, modern style, Desi brands and maintains the continuity it takes to be a well known driving force in social media.

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We focus on what counts… not simply finding out which buttons to press, but how to integrate your social media campaigns to help your sales, marketing or recruitment. There is so much hype and frankly “CRAP” on the internet, how do you find something that really works? We are not promising you another magic bullet, but rather a real solution to a time consuming problem.


In three words: Quality Automated Content

The Goal is to drive prospects from your social media accounts to your product or service using the path of least resistance.

The Problem: We found that it takes consistent Time, Dedication, and Money to create social media content on a regular and consistent basis to have an active social media account that gets views and engagement. And even if you have all this covered, there is no guarantee that it’s going to work.

The Solution: We will install and manage an Automated Content Solution for your Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts that will begin building your fans and followers.  Most importantly it will get them interested in visiting your website, product, service or offers without having to spend money to promote them.


  • We locate quality viral content that other people and companies are producing.
  • We then load those content producers into our system
  • The system then pulls that content (images, videos, and articles) and places it onto your blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts
  • In addition and really important, the system goes out and comments and likes on other related social media accounts building follow backs to your account creating that social engagement that your accounts have been lacking.

You may be asking yourself, is this legal?

One Word; Absolutely. Websites provide RSS feeds to syndicate their content and YouTube creates embed codes to share every video. We use those feeds to aggregate content for your social media accounts, just like Huffington Press and other big names use on a daily basis.


This works on your WordPress Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter Accounts. We are now testing Pinterest and Instagram but need more data and results before we are comfortable in distributing them.


Available Packages:

Standard Social Platform (Package A)


  • Automated Daily Posting of Relevant Social Content on Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Automated Commenting on other related Fan Pages
  • Learn More Button on Your Fan Page driving visitors to your landing page or website


  • Automated Daily Tweets and Re-tweets
  • Automated Follow and Follow Backs
  • Automated Likes


  • Automated Posts on Your Blog


  • Facebook and Twitter Analytics

Monthly Price

  • Freedom to Focus on your business while your social media is posting daily
  • Increased Traffic to your social media platforms and website
  • Increased Social Engagement via likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Improved Website SEO Rankings
  • Additional Sales and Services

Premium Social Platform (Package B)

All of Package A plus:

Syndication and Automated posting of your blog posts to thousands of Facebook Fan Pages (This is very powerful. The results of this system will double your results.)


Heat Map Tracking and Visitor Recording on Blog Pages

Monthly Price

E-Commerce testing on eBay and Amazon driving sales to website

We will carry your products on our stores on Amazon and eBay so not only will you have increased sales via our stores but as you have more individual stores carrying your products which increases your product rankings on Amazon and eBay in similar categories.

Package B Benefits

  • The Very Same benefits as the Standard Social Platform but now… on steroids
  • Become an Industry Authority Over Time
  • Increased Sales through E-Commerce
  • Additional client acquisition through other E-Commerce channels


We prefer you start slow and see the results for yourself. We want to build a long-term relationship and the only way to do that is to start where you are comfortable and grow our relationship through proving our results. Sometimes there are problems in business and this is where you learn a persons or companies integrity. Test our integrity.

Start at $299 per month for the first couple of months and if you are happy with the results, then we can discuss taking it to the next level.

NOTE: We are not representing you are going to start seeing sales the first day using this solution. That is an unrealistic expectation. What you are going to see on the first days after it’s set up is the relative content posting to your social media pages. Then after a few weeks you will start seeing your followers growing and growing.

If you need instant sales overnight, then this IS NOT FOR YOU. Rather find a direct marketing expert and put your money into online ads.

But if you want to start a long-term process that will grow your sales over time organically and be there consistently working for you month after month, year after year, Get In Touch With Us Today By Filling Out The Form Below.